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We now are carrying Say-Mak air hammers for sale. Based on a design that was developed in Augsburg/Germany after the Second World War, Say-Mak has continuously incorporated improvements that were suggested by various blacksmiths using them in their daily work. We believe that these are the technically most advanced power hammers for free hand forging and are making them available to colleagues in the US.


We have a new page for these hammers:


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A Big Project



Always trying to have fun with my work and to rise up to new challenges. This circular staircase leads up to a roof deck of a home in the mountains of Santa Fe. The view from the top is magnificent. Click on the picture to see a short movie focussing on the method used to bend and twist the stringers, preparing them for installation in a narrow and hard to access place.






(picture by Minesh Bakrania 2014)



We are excited to announce that iron-to-live-with is offering a traditional folk art apprenticeship under the auspices of the State of New Mexico. Every Friday we go through lessons in hand forging, building the skills to make small architectural items like firplace tools, kiva screens, latches, hinges, shutter dogs as well as forging our own tools necessary to make these things, thus helping to preserve the rich heritage of this craft in New Mexico.

We also organize periodic workshops in Santa Fe and Big Sur.

Below an excerpt from a documentary by Tom Meffert and Dagmar Diebels about iron-to-live-with (2008). The complete movie is available for $15 from our e-store.



Say-Mak forging machines






"My architectural ironwork for private customers includes large gates and railings and is typically forged free hand, either directly on the anvil or under an air hammer or hydraulic press. I have also done public sculptures in the US and abroad. My goal is simple: create happy work for me and my customers, and uphold the standards of traditional craftsmanship."

Helmut Hillenkamp

In 2007 Helmut Hillenkamp received the Alex Bealer Award, the highest recognition by ABANA (Artists Blacksmiths Association of North America) for his merits on behalf of the craft of blacksmithing.


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