Patina Recipe

Recipe for Wax/Oil Finish to protect rusted patina on outdoor ironwork

1/3 Bees Wax

1/3 Turpentine

1/3 Boiled Linseed Oil

small amount of Japan Dryer

Melt wax. Be careful with the fumes, they are combustible and toxic. Avoid flashing by using an electric hot plate on low setting. Work in well ventilated area. Wear gloves and eye protection.

Add turpentine, stir.

Add linseed oil, stir.

Add Japan dryer, stir.

If mix is too thick after cooling off, remelt and add more turpentine and/or heat pieces with weed burner before applying. Apply sparingly, wiping off excess with lint free rag. Used about once a year or when desired, will give a wood like and warm appearance to the rusted patina. Use it indoors and out. It can be applied onto heated metal in a paste wax consistency or if diluted with more turpentine, brushed on like paint. On the inside I wipe it off to a thinner coat, for outdoor work I leave it on thicker as the weather will take it off anyway. I like it the best if outdoor work has had a season to rust first, and then the wax is applied. The process is not very permanent, more like shining shoes. It shows the work off in a nice way for the dry season and can be repeated after a year.