Public Art by and with H+H Unlimited

Christy Hengst and Helmut Hillenkamp bringing public places to life

An important purpose for this site is to promote our availability to create beautiful pieces of Public Art anywhere in the world. Apart from being paid, the only thing we ask is that we can develop a meaningful relationship with the place we are doing the work for. Our art is also about community involvement, and the pieces shown here strongly have this element in them.


Bus Stop for Kathryn Street, Santa Fe (2003)


Dragon head for the Plaza del Dragon, Cuenca/Ecuador (2002)


Bus Stop/Shelter for Railyard Neighborhood, Santa Fe/New Mexico (2001)


Mural at Las Cruces Middle School (1998)


Fountain for Las Vegas Mental Hospital (1998)


Monument to the Blacksmiths, Cuenca/Ecuador (1996/97)


Bus Stop at Santa Fe Community College (1995)